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About Us Health Tripz

We are a team of doctors and IT professionals based in India and have been in practice for over a decade. We found a huge communication gap and lack of transparency in this sector of medical tourism. Therefore, we founded www.healthtripz.com in 2022 which is a subsidiary of Blanche Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and in a short time we have gained popularity amongst doctors and patients as we cover all the major medical tourism destinations all over the world, namely – India, Turkey, U.A.E., Malaysia, Spain, Brazil, Qatar, Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand.


You have to follow 3 easy steps – Knowledge – Transparency – Convenience

1. Knowledge

We want to spread awareness on health issues and cosmetic treatments without a bias to enlighten the masses on facts. This knowledge will help them weigh the pros and cons of any medical or cosmetic treatment.

2. Transparency

Most of the stakeholders in this field of medical tourism rely heavily on commission which puts financial stress on the doctors as well as patients. We, on the other hand, work on subscription based model which is fair and economically viable.

3. Convenience

We want to provide convenient method of choosing your desired destination and clinic by giving unbiased advise. Our backhand team is ever ready to assist patients traveling to destinations with local logistic advisory like Hotels, Car rentals, Pharmacies, etc through our wide network and channel partners.


Being a team of doctors, we understand the need of a patient. With our vast experience in medical tourism, we also understand the need of a patient traveling to an unknown land and what are the local logistical help one would need. We provide free of cost assistance through our channel partners. Most of all, we DO NOT work on commission basis and strongly condemn such kind of business modalities. We strictly follow fair business practices in our organization.



You have to follow 3 easy steps – BROWSE – SEND ENQUIRY – PREPARE FOR TRAVEL


We advise all our visitors to browse through the list of clinics and read their reviews. You can visit their website and check them up on Google, Facebook, Instagram and decide which clinic would you want to go with.


Send us an email at info@healthtripz.com with your Name, Age, Sex, City/Country, Treatment/ Procedure and Contact Number. Our team will reach out to you and understand your requirements. After that, we will take the best quotation from your desired clinic and two more as per our suggestion. You will be given a total of three best choices. Once you finalize, we will arrange for your Visa Invitation Letter and any other advice pertaining to your travel plans.


You have to set your travel dates and pack your bags. We always advise to plan your travel in a way that you get to find the real meaning of Medical Tourism which is Medical + Tourism. All the countries we work in are beautiful and we can help you chill out in some amazing destinations.+


We offer subscription packages for Hospitals & Clinics. Please send us an email at info@healthtripz.com to introduce yourself and get registered with us, following approval by our compliance team to ensure your facility meets with the standards set by Medical Tourism Association. 


Please send us an email at info@healthtripz.com to partner with us. Our representative will get back to you shortly.
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